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Impact Manufacturing Group is a full-service prototype and production manufacturing facility specializing in the fabrication of precision machined parts made from Aluminum, Stainless steels, Titanium and other exotic materials. We also specialize in the Machining of Plastic’s such as Peak, Delrin, and many others.

IMG’s Northern California Machine Shop provides top quality products with competitive pricing and a focus on on-time delivery, customer service, and support.  We work hard to remain on the cutting edge of technologies and processes in a highly technical industry.  Our common practices of 5S, Kanban keep us organized and on schedule. If you’re looking for a great machine shop in the greater Sacramento / northern California are give us a call.

Utilizing state of the art methods allows us to remain responsive and balance our work load.  Running hot short run prototype runs during the day and taking advantage of light out manufacturing during the night keep our pricing well below many of our competitors.

Military and Aerospace CNC Machined Parts

We help our customers succeed through responsive customer service and on-site support and are committed to providing complete technical support in all facets of our industry.

Specializing in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Critical flight components, Air Frame, Impellers and Blisk, Lamination tooling for Composite Layups. From simple 2d machined parts to 3d surfacing and multi axis profiling.

Experienced in Energy, Semiconductor, Medical, Microwave

Serving all 50 states, Southern California’s San Diego and Los Angeles area, The Bay area’s San Francisco, San Jose, east and North Bay, Greater Sacramento area